Construction of the main road between Port Said Eastern Harbour and the highway with a total length of 10 km and width 85 m.
The road crosses an area previously used for discharging dredged soil out of the Suez Canal. The soil is very loose to a depth of  seven  meters with the underground water table at (- 0.5 m) from the surface.
No mechanical equipment could be used on such loose soil to perform the excavation works needed for soil replacement.
The technique developed by PETROJET was to divide the route into sections, continuously flood the section to form a dredge able pool, then use an offshore dredger to dredge the site up to seven meters depth.
The area behind the dredger was then backfilled with strong soil to form the foundation for the road.
Scope Of Works:
– Construction of Phase II of the Main Road to Port Said Eastern Harbour.

Work Volume:

Excavation                                                       1 million   m3
Backfilling                                                        720,000    m3
Base Coarse                                                      295,000   m2
Pitching                                                             60,000     m2
Asphalt                                                             150,000    m2

Owner: General Authority for Port Said Harbour
Location: Port Said - Egypt