Pipe Coating Works

pipe-coating-mapIn line with PETROJET s strategy to offer turnkey solutions to its clients, PETROJET owns & operates two pipe coating plants to cater for the needs of petroleum projects in Egypt & abroad of anti-corrosion pipe protection using different types of coats (Polyethylene, Polypropylene,..) located at Suez and Port-Said, not limited to that, additional concrete coating activity is available at Port-Said facility.
During the last years, the facilities have coated over 22,000,000 m.

PETROJET built up three coating facilities to cover all needs of petroleum pipeline coating, these facilities are distributed as following:

  1. Suez Coating Plant.
  2. Port Said Concrete Coating Plant.
  3. Port Said (PE) Coating Plant.

The range of Coating Covers the following:

  1. Anti-Corrosion Coating:
    • External Coating:
      • 3 layers Polyethylene.
      • 3 layers Polypropylene.
      • Fusion Bonded Epoxy.
    • Internal Coating:
      • Epoxy Coating.
  2. Thermal Insulation Coating:
    – Polyurethane Foam Coating.
  3. Concrete Weight Coating (Off-Shore & On-Shore Pipelines).