Static Equipment

staticPETROJET is actively involved in supplying the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Industrial sectors with their requirements of static equipment. through its 4 ASME stamped Workshops, PETROJET Fabricates and Supplies the following:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Desalination Units
  • Skid-Mounted Packages
  • Slug Catcher Types
  • Towers
  • Reactors
  • Air Coolers
  • Fired Heaters
  • Separation Columns


  • Detailed Engineering.
  • Procurement & Procurement services.
  • Fabrication and assembly works.

Fabrication of Static Equipment represents a major activity discipline in PETROJET with a track record of over 2,500 units throughout the last 15 year.Operating four certified workshops at Cairo, Alexandria, Suez & Idku, furnished with modern tools and equipment, PETROJET enjoys its earned position as the regional leader in this field.

Kattamia Central Workshop has recognized a qualitative and quantitative leap forward for the Kattamia Central Workshop, where the workshop has supplied world class static equipment to the Gas Liquefaction Projects and others like Simian/Sienna, UHDE Towers at Suez and Alexandria, Launchers and Receivers for Gupco, and six Air Coolers for Burullus with a total tonnage of 5900.