Over the last four decades, PETROJET has earned its singular reputation and leading market position in the end-to-end construction in which it provides integrated EPC services for:

  • Oil Refineries.
  • Gas/Oil Separation and Processing Plants.
  • LPG Separation Plants.
  • Gas liquefaction Plants (LNG)
  • Petrochemical Plants.
  • Industrial Plants.


  • Project Management
  • Detailed Mechanical Engineering
  • Full construction works (Civil – Mechanical – E&I).
  • Erection of Equipment
  • Pre-commissioning & commissioning assistance.
  • Rehabilitation of process plants

The new complex project for producing high value petroleum products

The project’s full capacity production expected to reach 4.7 million ton yearly of high value petroleum products like high octane and diesel under Euro 5 standards as well as butane, airplane fuel and …

Country : Egypt | Client : The Egyptian Refinery Company (ERC).

downstream pipeline haradh increment (HUG-2) KSA

Part of the expansion of Hawiyah Gas Plant, is the installation of a pipeline network to allow free flowing of 290 mmscfd from Haradh field to Hawiyah Gas Plant. Petrojet scope of work: Construction o …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Enppi - Aramco

Hawiyah expansion gas plant (HGP)

Construction of additional gas processing facilities for processing 1070 mcfd of natural gas. Petrojet works include Civil , Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works. In addition to engineer …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Aramco-KSA

Rumaitha and Shanayel Project UAE

Part 1 : Rumaitha/Shanayel Production Restoration Rumaitha/Shanayel restoration consists of (14 wells) to compensate production from high GOR wells (6 OP and 8 WAG). All producer wells are expected to …

Country : | Client : Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. (ADNOC ONSHORE )

Sulfate Removable Facilities (new)

Construction, Pre commissioning for Civil & Mechanical Works for Installation of Sulfate Removable Facilities that aim to produce 435 million barrels per day of Sulphate-free seawater The project …

Country : | Client : Enppi

Zohr gas field development

Construction of an onshore Gas complex (phase 1) with a production capacity of 1.4 BCFD. The offshore field development includes fabrication of control platform & deep water structures in addition …

Country : Egypt | Client : PETROBEL / ENI

West Nile gas development

Development of gas treatment plant at Burullus to treat gas received from the offshore fields Taurus, Giza fayoum, & Raven. Petrojet scope of work is construction, E & I works. in addition to …

Country : Egypt | Client : Bp

Burullus facilities for Gas Processing plant (Taurus/Libra)

Rehabilitation of Burulus facilities for gas processing plant of Taurus/Libra wells which have the capacity of processing 600 MMCFD

Country : Egypt | Client : BP

E-Methanex Methanol Plant

Development of a Greenfield 1.3 million ton per year methanol facility at Damietta on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

Country : Egypt | Client : Techint - (Egyptian Methanex Methanol Company)

ERC Refinery

Execution of  Civil, Mechanical works, steel structure, equipment and pipelines installation and Electrical works

Country : Egypt | Client : GS Engineering & Construction

Propylene & Polypropylene (PP) Complex

Construction of a petrochemical complex at Port Said, North of Egypt, consisting of a Propylene plant and a Polypropylene plant with respective annual production capacities of 350,000 tons as well as …

Country : Egypt | Client : UHDE - (Egyptian Propylene & Polypropylene Co. (EPPC)


The establishment of a complete Ammonia/Urea complex including off sites facilities and interconnection to Abu-Qir (1 & 2) with an Ammonia production capacity of 1200 ton/day and Urea Production C …

Country : Egypt | Client : Alexfert co./UHDE Gmbh

Development of phenol extraction unit

Developing the extraction with phenol unit to be replaced by N.M.B for saving environment, and increasing production capacity to 283 KT/year

Country : Egypt | Client : Al- Amreya Petroleum Refining Co.(APRC)

Luberef Expansion Refinery

Execution of civil and mechanical works for the expansion of oil refinery S1 package for increasing production capacity  

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Samsung

Maximizing of gas recovery unit at Assuit Refinery (vru)

Maximizing the efficiency of Gas Recovery Unit to increase LPG production to 400 KT/year

Country : Egypt | Client : ASORC

Mediterranean NGL Development

A natural gas liquids extraction facility relying on natural gas produced from North East Mediterranean fields (Al Temsah, Port Fouad, Habi, and Akhen) to extract natural gas derivatives. It is design …

Country : Egypt | Client : United Gas Derivatives Company (UGDC) (JV formed of EGAS, BP & IEOC , AGIP)


Project aims at increasing the gas production at BED-3 up to 200 MMSCFD by bringing gas from newly discovered wells at Karam (5 Wells) and Assil (2 Wells) online. Development includes a new CO2 Remova …

Country : Egypt | Client : Enppi - (BAPETCO / SHELL)

DUBA Permanent Berth

Duba Project is located on Red Sea coast North West of Saudi Arabia. This Project provides installation of new facilities which are capable of receiving gasoline and diesel fuel by large tankers up to …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Aramco Overseas Co. / Saudi Aramco (IK)

Petro Rabigh Phase 2 Refinery

Execution of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical works for the expansion of petro Rabigh refinery. The project aims at processing 30 MMC/Y of ethane and 3 MT/y of Naphta for the production of various t …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Petrorabigh/Petrofac

Yanbu Export refinery-Solid handling package

Execution of civil and mechanical works solid handling package including conveyor belt, storage buildings, underground piping, piping, pipeline, steel structure, equipment erection, insulation and pai …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Aramco- Techint

Expansion of Hout onshore production facilities

Execution of Civil, Mechanical and E & I works for HOUT onshore production facilities  

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Al Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)

Midor refinery

Developing Midor Refinery Plant – Pre-flash Tower Unit to increase production capacity by 15% (115 Ton/year)

Country : Egypt | Client : Midor

Ras Laffan Olefins (SP3)

Construction Contractor for SP3 Package. Execution of Civil & Mechanical Works for the U/T Area in addition to Interconnection Pipelines with Dolphin & Ras Gas Projects Plus Export Pipeline.

Country : Qatar | Client : Technip - Ras Laffan Olefins Company (RLOC)

Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project

A two – train Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant each with a capacity of approximately 3.6 MT/Y on approximately 165 hectares of land located 3 km from the town of Idku and 40 km East of Alexandria on …

Country : Egypt | Client : Bechtel - (Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas Co. (ELNG) (JV formed of EGAS, EGPC, BG,Petronas & Gas de France)

Salam Gas Trains (T3 & T4) Project

The target of the project is to increase the productivity of El Salam gas station to 410 MMCFD by doubling the processing units to 4 units then transporting the processed gas by el Obayed /el Amerya p …

Country : Egypt | Client : Petrofac - Khalda Petroleum Co.

Yanbu Gas Plant Expansion

The primary objective of the project is providing facilities to process the additional C2+NGL volumes generated from 2006 – 2010 Business Plan crude increments, as well as providing feedstock supply t …

Country : Saudi Arabia | Client : Enppi - (Saudi Aramco)

New Cold Crystallization Plant

Building a new unit facility to produce 450 KT annually of Potash, that is used in various chemical industries including fertilizers.

Country : Jordan | Client : Arab Potash Company “APC”

Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Project

Development of a Linear Alkyl Benzene Plant in Alexandria, North of Egypt with a production capacity of 100,000 Tons/Year. Plant consists of Process Unit–Utilities – Storage Facilities – Service Build …

Country : Egypt | Client : ELAB

Ethane/Propane (C2 / C3) Maximization

A project aiming at increasing the production of the C2 – C3 by introducing modification in both Amereya LPG recovery plant and the WDGC in addition to the installation of new facilities at both plant …

Country : Egypt | Client : Egyptian Natural Gas Company

El Merk Oil Field Development Central Processing Facility Package

The El Merk Project aims at establishing the surface facilities required for the exploitation of hydrocarbon liquid reserves of six reservoirs in Blocks 208, 405a and 212 in Algeria. The project compr …

Country : Algeria | Client : Groupement Berkine (JV of Sonatrach and Anadarko)

New petrochemical complex

Construction of a 460,000 tons/year Ethylene Plant & 400,000 tons/year of Polyethylene Petrojet is responsible for full construction scope in addition to fabrication of process equipment

Country : Egypt | Client : JV (TOYO/ ENPPI

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