Martyr Ahmed Hamdy tunnel 2

Petrojet completed construction of Martyr Ahmed Hamdy tunnel 2

The  tunnel has two lanes with a length of 4,250 kilometers and a diameter of 11 meters, 

The “Martyr Ahmed Hamdy 2” tunnel, which was completely drilled, comes as part of five tunnels project in the seaport city, within the framework of Egypt’s 2020 vision.

The project was executed by Petrojet under the supervision of the Armed forces of Engineering Authority.

Suez Canal CORRIDOR Development Project Ismailia TUNNELS

A major Egyptian national development project started on August 2014, with the aim of maximizing the role of Suez Canal region as an integrated industrial and economic logistic hub, which will contribute in boosting Egypt’s economic growth.

Petrojet scope of work includes: Engineering, Procurement and Construction for 2 motorway tunnels (twin tunnels) under Suez Canal north of Ismailia

Road tunnels length (TBM)  : 5.82 Km – Open Cut: 1.3 Km

Internal Diameter: 11.4 m

External Diameter: 12.6 m

Distance between tunnels : 12.6 m

Concrete wall thickness: 60 cm

tunnel clear height: 5.5 m

lanes number : 2 lanes/each

lane width: 3.65 m

Tunnel Slope: 3.3%

Deepest point of the tunnel 53 m from sea level and  70 m from land level

In addition to Execution of (4) Ventilation and Inspection Shafts each of: (internal Dia 23 m – Depth:80 m)


Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
ISO 45001 – ISO 26000 – ISO 17025
ASME N – stamps – API Q1 – Hull Structures