The new complex project for producing high value petroleum products

The project’s full capacity production expected to reach 4.7 million ton yearly of high value petroleum products like high octane and diesel under Euro 5 standards as well as butane, airplane fuel and naphtha.

petrojet has excuted the trial operation for the hydro cracking units of mazut, carbonization, vacuum distillation, sulfur treatment, naphtha reforming, diesel treatment, hydrogen production unit, complex infrastructure and wastewater treatment unit. The complex production relies on mazut produced by the Cairo refinery.

downstream pipeline haradh increment (HUG-2) KSA

Part of the expansion of Hawiyah Gas Plant, is the installation of a pipeline network to allow free flowing of 290 mmscfd from Haradh field to Hawiyah Gas Plant.
Petrojet scope of work: Construction of civil, mechanical and electrical works of:
56” P/L 56 km
11 open cut crossing with micro tunneling system
Hot Tapping pipeline
15 km cable laying

Hawiyah expansion gas plant (HGP)

Construction of additional gas processing facilities for processing 1070 mcfd of natural gas. Petrojet works include Civil , Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation works. In addition to engineering, procurement & construction of associated buildings


Rumaitha and Shanayel Project UAE

Part 1 : Rumaitha/Shanayel Production Restoration

Rumaitha/Shanayel restoration consists of (14 wells) to compensate production from high GOR wells (6 OP and 8 WAG). All producer wells are expected to be provided with gas lift. It includes two “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells brought forward to year 2018 (Ra-122 oil producer and Ra-123 WAG injector).

Part 2 : Rumaitha Technical Rate

Rumaitha Phase I/II production requires sustaining its 20% technical rate. This requires drilling six (6) oil producers and six (6) WAG injectors, Two oil producers out of the six are “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells brought forward and two WAG injectors out of the six injectors are “Ra/Sn Phase III Batch 2” wells which are brought forward. The Batch 2 wells are located in Cluster Y. Production from clusters GG and FF will be routed to CPP phase I/II.

Sulfate Removable Facilities (new)

Construction, Pre commissioning for Civil & Mechanical Works for Installation of Sulfate Removable Facilities that aim to produce 435 million barrels per day of Sulphate-free seawater

The project is one-of-a-kind for PETROJET regarding the scope of work and the technicality that has been used. PETROJET accomplished extraction works using the Nano Technology which is considered the newest technology approach used nowadays.

In spite of the obstacles that faced the work progress pace like Covid 19 emergence which hindered most of world’s projects progress, PETROJET did finish the works in a record time and complying with the highest QC & Safety standards

Zohr gas field development

Construction of an onshore Gas complex (phase 1) with a production capacity of 1.4 BCFD.

The offshore field development includes fabrication of control platform & deep water structures in addition to coating of subsea pipelines. Zohr Offshore field is located 180 km off the onshore plant in the Mediterranean sea and at a depth of 1450 m. The field has a total potential of about 30 TCF in place.

West Nile gas development

Development of gas treatment plant at Burullus to treat gas received from the offshore fields Taurus, Giza fayoum, & Raven. Petrojet scope of work is construction, E & I works. in addition to construction of tanks, fabrication of process equipment. Also it includes Polyethylene & concrete coating for subsea pipelines & fabrication of deep water structures.

ERC Refinery

Execution of  Civil, Mechanical works, steel structure, equipment and pipelines installation and Electrical works

Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
ISO 45001 – ISO 26000 – ISO 17025
ASME N – stamps – API Q1 – Hull Structures