Badr Maintenance Workshop

Badr Maintenance Workshops    


It is a General Department of Equipment with an area of 80764 m2 which contains (4) maintenance workshops.

These Workshops execute maintenance, repairs and renewing transportation equipment.

1 – Maintenance Workshops with an area of 7776 m2 including (7) Workshops:

  • Concrete Equipment repair
  • Metal Machining
  • Trailers and Semi-Trailers repair and welding
  • Truck and Diesel engines repair
  • Engines Overhauling
  • Electrical and Welding Equipment test and repair
  • The quality control department: inspection before and after the repairs & inspection for performance before releasing equipment to work sites. Also issuing inspection reports using modern instruments for inspecting hydraulic pumps (pressure and flow rates) and engine tests (leaks, temperature, etc.)

2 – Vehicle Workshops with an area of 1320 m2 including (2) Workshops :

  • Vehicle repair
  • Vehicle body repair for all Transportation equipment

3 – Heavy equipment Workshops with an area of 4860 m2 including (4) Workshops:

  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Cranes repair
  • Painting for all equipment and Transportation means
  • Bending and Internal welding Clamps repair

4 – Hydro Test and HDD Workshops with an area of 1200 m2 including (2) Workshops:

  • The hydrostatic testing pumps maintenance and repairing and calibration laboratory for hydro testing Pressure and temperature recorders and gauges.
  • HDD equipment maintenance and repair