minister of petroleum honors Ahmed Sharaf


Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, met Ahmed Mustafa Sharaf, the student who won first place in Egypt’s high School in STEM education system, Mathematics Division, in an honoring ceremony

The minister stressed that its crucial to keep up with this level of brilliance and superiorty in university period and afterwards. He added that the students should keep in mind that they got a huge commitment towards building the future. The minister commended Sharaf’s family for their continuous support and encouragement that led him to this academic and practical excellence.

For his part, Sharaf participated in several  international educational competitions to enrich his experiences. He expressed his gratitude at the reception, bearing out the petroleum sector’s support for its workers and their families; as Sharaf’s father works for Petrojet. Additionally, he noted that he will continue to excel and increase his capabilities, indicating his interest in studying artificial intelligence

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