PETROJET completes Installation of Sulfate Removal Facilities


PETROJET has succeeded in completion of Installation of Sulfate Removal Facilities in the Arabian Gulf region that aim to produce 435 million barrels per day of Sulphate-free seawater

The project is one-of-a-kind for PETROJET regarding the scope of work and the technicality that has been used. PETROJET accomplished extraction works using the Nano Technology which is considered the newest technology approach used nowadays.

In spite of the obstacles that faced the work progress pace like Covid 19 emergence which hindered most of world’s projects progress, PETROJET did finish the works in a record time and complying with the highest QC & Safety standards

Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
ISO 45001 – ISO 26000 – ISO 17025
ASME N – stamps – API Q1 – Hull Structures